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::: 底圖 Tourist Information

Open Hours
Tuesday through Sunday
 10:00~21:00 (April to October)
 10:00~17:00 (November to March)
Closed on Mondays and Chinese New Year's Eve

Admission Fees

1.Regular: 30 NTD for adults
2.Half price: 15 NTD for children and students (Students need to show student ID cards)
3.Group ticket: 20NTD each for groups of 10 and more
4.Free admission for
(1) senior citizens over 65
(2) children under 110 cm accompanied by parents
(3) disabled visitors
(4) official tourist guides with supporting documents.

Tips for Visitors

1.Due to capacity restrictions of the Reclamation Hall, the number of each visiting group will be limited to 40. Please wait at the garden.
2.Please turn off your cell phone or turn it into vibration mode.
3.No recording. No smoking. No food or drink.
4.No flash photography is allowed.

Group reservation

1.Reservation is required for large groups. Due to capacity restrictions of the Hall, large groups will be divided into smaller groups and take turns to visit the Hall.
2.Reservation for group tour must be made one week beforehand during office hours. Please confirm reservation by phone.
3.Guided tour is arranged for group of 20. Larger groups should be divided into smaller groups by the applicant. Each tour takes approximately 30 to 50 minutes and a maximum of two groups are allowed to enter the Hall at the same time.
4.If two groups make reservation for the same time slot, priority will be given to the group that made earlier reservation.

Application for Filming and Photography in Penghu Reclamation Hall.docdoc

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